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Holiday Parenting Time

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Ho Ho Ho it is that time of year again. The holidays are upon us, it is also time to make those holiday plans. Nothing is more discouraging during the holidays than having a parenting time Order which was poorly written and indecipherable or simply does not have the parenting time which you believe to be in the best interests of your children.

Holiday parenting time can be a unique problem on a few different fronts. It is often over-looked in the settlement process, thus it is often not tailored to the needs of the parties and their children. Often times it appears as though a lawyer has simply copied down a standard holiday schedule as an after thought.

Another unique characteristic of holiday parenting time is that holiday parenting time supersedes regularly scheduled parenting time. Thus a poorly written Order may wind up with one parent or the other have a windfall of parenting time. Due to unexpected collateral effects due to a carelessly drafted Order one parentmay not to see the children for up to three consecutive weeks.

On a positive note holiday parenting time is often easy to fix when the mistakes are glaring. Holiday parenting time modifications are often reviewed with a less stringent standard than ordinary parenting time. Although the law does not provide for this less stringent standard, it appears to be the reality.

If you find that you have a poorly drafted holiday parenting time Order, parenting time Order, or custody Order call me, I can help. If you are in the beginning stages of a divorce or child custody/ parenting time dispute, call me I can help. I can be reached at (248) 855-6477 (Office) or (734) 612-7121 on my cell phone.

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