Family Law Attorney Has Multi-Perspective View

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Family Law Attorney Has Multi-Perspective View

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Partner in Divorce

My name is Michael E. Thomas and I have found myself involved in every facet of family court at one time or another.  I have been a Clerk to a family court judge. I have been a Plaintiff’s attorney. I have been a Defendant’s attorney. I have been a Plaintiff. And I have been a Defendant. I have been a non-custodial parent. And I have been a custodial parent. I currently have primary custody of two teenagers and will often share with others from the perspective of a single parent. All of these different roles have taught me to attack family law situations from a different perspective, often times making the difference between winning and losing.

I have been practicing law since 2005 and have devoted my entire career to the practice of family law.  At The Law Office of Michael E. Thomas PLLC, we represent both men and women, with an emphasis on complex divorce litigation and child custody litigation.  One philosophy that we adhere to is our “trial ready approach.”  We have found that if an attorney begins to properly prepare for trial from day one, we are typically in a superior situation whether it is time to settle a case, mediate a case, or take a case to trial.  This philosophy requires a much more “hands-on” approach for both attorney and client, however, we find this philosophy to be much more productive in the long run.

With the Law Office of Michael E. Thomas you will not be handed off to an associate; I will be the one who prepares and takes your case to trial.  You will have direct communication with your lawyer, even after hours when necessary (over the years, we have found that domestic issues rarely come up between 9-5 Monday thru Friday). We look forward to helping you.